A chang Bo food house . Bed and breakfast(Yi Xuan Farm)

翌軒田園最早以種植蓮花、瓜類的農場起家,後來開設了餐廳,名為「阿昌伯美食屋」,利用農場附近農戶種植醃製的食材,烹調出最道地客家風味家常菜,有觀音最道地的客家菜的美名。2017 年觀音成立休閒農業區後,設立了觀音第一家合法民宿,房間寬敞乾淨,環境清幽,可供賞蓮。

Yixuan Farm is the first farm, started to plant lotus and melons, and opened a restaurant called "A Changbo Food House" after that. The Hakka home-made dishes are cooking with the vegetables and marinated products that are planted and marinated by the nearby farmers. The dishes in Yixuan Farm are the famous Hakka dishes in Guanyin. In 2017, the leisure agriculture area is set up in Guanyin. Yixuan Farm is the first legitimate home-stay in Guanyin. There are the spacious and clean rooms, and quiet environment, and view the booming lotus flowers.

網站 www.achangbo.com
地址 桃園市觀音區上大里大湖路一段 1233-1 號
ADD No.1233-1, Sec. 1, Dahu Rd.,Shangda Vil,Guanyin Dist., Taoyuan City 32845, Taiwan (R.O.C.)
電話 03-490-4140、0935-656-683